What you don't see on the label

Made in Tunesia

We deliberately choose to keep our undershirts label-free for added comfort. However, it’s no secret where our products come from, what they are made from, and who they are made by. We keep nothing under wraps.

Our Noshirts and Noshorts are made in Tunesia. While perhaps not the most obvious choice of production location, it is a deliberate one. Our Tunesian manufacturer is reliable, meticulous, and plays a pioneering role in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Noshirt is made in an atelier that is fully certified in the field of socially responsible business and production practices (which we discuss in more detail in a separate blog post), and has been since 1995. Our partner continuously develops new innovations with the aim of becoming as environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral as possible. The company acquired 1100 hectares of land from former state-owned farms, on which it will plant 250,000 trees in the coming years. This will compensate 300 tonnes of Co2 per year.

Our partner is fully committed to zero waste. This means no residual waste and no water waste (more than 85% of the water is currently being reused, with the ultimate aim of reusing 100%). The use of chemicals has also been drastically reduced. The innovative dyeing process (whereby droplets of paint are used instead of dye baths) reduces the amount of chemicals by 95% compared to conventional methods. Heat from the drying rooms is also reused, as are packaging materials and residual materials. The company is also committed to good employership by providing jobs with a fair wage to people in rural areas (e.g. planting trees on former state-owned farms). We guarantee that your undershirt is made responsibly and from the very best materials.

At Noshirt, we want to do more than just make comfortable garments. We want our items to contribute to a better world. This may sound like a lofty ambition, but we aspire to treat people and the planet the way we want to be treated: with respect.

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