About us

For more than 10 years, Noshirt has been dedicated to a single mission: we want to make the absolute best invisible underwear for men there is. Shirts, shorts and socks of the highest quality, with the ultimate fit and comfort. In different styles and different lines. For every type of man, and for every type of occasion.
We do this with style and attention to detail, and always in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our customers

It is thanks to our customers that we have managed to develop a unique product range over the last 10 years, with six different types of undershirts. When our customers wanted a truly invisible undershirt (even under a white button-down shirt), we came up with the concept of invisible khaki. When our customers asked us to come up with a solution for temperature swings on hot days (when you go in and out of buildings with air-conditioning), we introduced the NOSHIRT performance range. And customers with complaints? They make us more determined to try even harder.

Our team

In turn, the fact that Noshirt has so many customers, who keep on coming back, is thanks to our team: a diverse team of specialists, each one dedicated to making Noshirt a successful, luxury, unique and customer-friendly brand. A brand that gives you an extra layer of comfort... and much more.