About us

For more than 10 years, Noshirt has been dedicated to a single mission: we want to make the absolute best invisible underwear for men there is. Shirts, shorts and socks of the highest quality, with the ultimate fit and comfort. In different styles and different lines. For every type of man, and for every type of occasion.
We do this with style and attention to detail, and always in a responsible and sustainable way.

In turn, the fact that Noshirt has so many customers, who keep on coming back, is thanks to our team: a diverse team of specialists, each one dedicated to making Noshirt a successful, luxury, unique and customer-friendly brand. A brand that gives you an extra layer of comfort... and much more.

Lisette - the one and only

Knows everything, looks after everything (except the plants) in the office. A true talent

Carolien – linguistic legend

Writes words that make underwear sound right

Dennis -
E-business boss

Makes the invisible visible. Online.

Jade - customer service queen

Always here to help customers With advice, grace, and a smiling face.

Thomas - an all-round artist

With an eye for detail

Sara - visual landscaper

Puts all the right pictures in all the right places

Noor - brand builder

Gives men's underwear a ladies’ line Literally.

Alex - in-house photographer

Takes pretty portraits. And shoots undershirts in their natural habitat

Jan Willem -
founder and entrepreneur

Man with a mission and an opinion about visible undershirts