Laundry tips

Our products are made from high-quality Supima cotton, premium Merino wool and the finest Egyptian cotton. Because of the superior quality, our products retain their shape and color for a long time. To help keep your Noshirts, Noshorts and Nosocks in top shape we have a few tips for you below.

Tip 1: Color by color

For the white products, use a detergent specifically for the white laundry. These detergents contain optical brighteners and keep your white clothes white. Do not use chlorine or bleach. This severely affects the quality of the fabric. For black products, use a detergent specifically for the dark or black laundry. This keeps them black for longer. Wash your colored and invisible khaki products with the colorful laundry.

Tip 2: Not too hot

You can wash our products at 30 or 40 degrees. At higher temperatures the shirts, shorts and socks can shrink and we can not guarantee sustainability. With the modern generation of detergents, warmer washing than 30 degrees is often not necessary for good hygienic cleaning. In this way you save your living environment and the colors of your shirt, shorts or socks.

Tip 3: Shrink = ok

Because your Noshirts, Noshorts and Nosocks are made from natural materials, they will shrink slightly during the first washing and / or drying. No worries: this has been taken into account in the design and dimensions.

Tip 4: Dry first, then wear

For a hygienically clean laundry, it is important that your shirts, shorts or socks are dry before you clean them up. After all, bacteria tend to thrive in moisture. And you do not want to give it a chance to prevent bad smells. Drying can of course be done on the clothesline, but if you use a dryer, dry in a light position to prevent too much shrinkage.

Tip 5: No fabric softener (for NOSHIRT dry)

NOSHIRT dry naturally beats sweat. By adding TENCEL to the armpit inset, sweat is better absorbed and neutralized. This is only possible if the cells remain open in the fabric. Softener clogs these cells and thus counteracts the effect. Therefore do not use fabric softener when washing noshirt dry. Which Noshirt suits you?

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