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It may well sound pompous, we know, but, at the end of the day, it’s actually fairly obvious: We want to treat others and the planet the same way we want to be treated. With respect. That’s why corporate social responsibility (CSR) is high on our agenda. We want to make a difference. One that you can see. That you can feel. And that you can read about here…

Superior Supima

Part of our range is made of Supima, a high-quality cotton that is grown as sustainably as possible in the US.

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Sustainable Tencel

True to their names in more ways than one, our Noshirt Nature and Noshirt Performance lines are made entirely from Tencel, a sustainable fibre made from wood pulp.

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Fashioned in Tunisia

Our products are made in Tunisia. Not the most obvious location we know, but for us it’s a logical one. Why? Because we’re all about innovation and sustainability. Find out how our studio embraces that.

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Certificates? Hell Yes.

By working with a certified production partner, we can be sure that our collections are made in as fair, safe and clean a way as possible. That means: no child has laid a hand on your garment, there’s no forced labour involved, working hours are fair and so are the wages.

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Sustainable Packaging

As tempting as it may be to wear our garments for the world to see, Noshirt is an underwear brand. And that means our products have to be packed individually. We can’t do much about that, unfortunately. But what we can do is pack every item sustainably. In paper. Or cardboard. Without plastic. And you – what can you do? Well, you can size up (in every manner of the word) one product first, before you open the other items in your order. That’s how – together – we can help create less waste.

Noshirt = No waste

And talking of waste… We’d be lying if we said we didn’t get the odd piece returned. It’s only natural that this happens. Just as it is that one of our seamstresses sometimes drops a stitch. Which means it’s no longer possible to sell that particular garment. But that doesn’t mean we throw them away. Why would we? That’d be a crazy waste. And shame. No. We simply give them a different life instead. By transforming them into laundry bags. Or shoe bags. Or cleaning cloths. It’s recycling at its most creative. And that’s what we love.

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Slow fashion

The timeless design and top-notch quality of our garments ensure that Noshirt clothing stands the test of time. And that takes us far away from the polluting world of fast fashion. Which is a good thing. Because we’re only interested in following the slow fashion path.

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