Sunstainability and quality

What cotton can do for you

At Noshirt, make we our undershirts and shorts from cotton. That might seem a little old-fashioned, but in our eyes it is totally logical. Cotton is a natural material that has been popular for thousands of years because of its excellent absorbency, light weight, and comfortable feel. Ideal for underwear that has to keep your top layer fresh.

There are different types of cotton, some better than others. At Noshirt, we use the superior quality of Supima® cotton. Cotton with exceptionally long fibres, cultivated in the United States of America by farmers who are strictly regulated and who make no concessions on quality. That means: no unnecessary pollution, no unnecessary water consumption, and no children picking cotton in the fields.

To make your Noshirt feel even more comfortable, we spin the already long, soft cotton fibres into an extra fine yarn (and an even finer yarn for our NOSHIRT lite range) and add a small amount of elastane to it. This makes your Noshirt feel soft and comfortable, and keeps it perfectly in shape wash after wash!

The weaving and dyeing of the cotton yarn to make the material that is used for your underwear takes place in an OEKO-TEX certified workshop. That way we prevent any unnecessary or harmful use of chemicals. As little as possible, and only when it is absolutely necessary. That means we know for sure that no harmful substances are used during the dyeing and washing of our Supima cotton that could cause harm to you or the people working with it.

As a result, you not only get to wear extremely soft and durable cotton underwear, you also have the reassurance that everyone who plays a part in making your underwear is paid a decent wage and works in decent conditions. Feels just a little bit better, right?

Would you like to know more about the responsible choices we make and the steps we take to make our supply chain even more sustainable? Then check out our blog.

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