Invisible khaki

Invisible khaki. This unique colour makes your undershirt truly invisible.

An undershirt is the ideal foundation piece under any outfit. Luxurious and comfortable, this extra layer keeps you and your clothes fresh and ensures no visible lines or contours. Not even under white or light shirts. This makes it ideal for all occasions, from a day at the office to your wedding day.

No contours under a white shirt

NOSHIRT is available in the unique colour of invisible khaki. And guess what? It makes your undershirt truly invisible. Even if you're wearing a white, light, or casual shirt, you still can't see any contours. And if you wear the right V-neck style (a deep V-neck if you like to leave two buttons undone), then you won’t see a beige collar sticking out either. That's a promise.

Tried and tested
Invisible khaki was developed through a process of extensive testing with every different type of skin tone. That not only resulted in a unique colour of undershirt, but also a lot of praise from our customers, retailers, and reviewers like Volkskrant Magazine (which gave Noshirt invisible khaki a score of 9.0). And that is something we do want everyone to know about.

30-day trial period
Do you want to see it before you believe it? We get it. That is why (all) our undershirts come with a 30-day trial period. It's that easy: you simply order the undershirt you want (link to help menu) in the colour invisible khaki. You can wear the shirt, wash it, dry it, and then wear it again. Are you still not satisfied about the invisibility or the comfort? Then send your Noshirt back and we will refund the purchase price to your bank account. (That's how confident we are.)

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