Care tips

Our products are made from high-quality Supima cotton, soft sustainable TENCEL™, premium Merino wool and the finest Egyptian cotton. Because of the superior quality, our products retain their shape and colour for a long time. But they could always do with a helping hand, so here a few tips to ensure your Noshirts, Boxer Shorts and Nosocks stay in tip-top shape.

Tip 1: Colour coding

For the White products, use a detergent specifically made for whites as these detergents contain optical brighteners and keep your white clothes white. Do not use chlorine or bleach, as this severely affects the quality of the fabric. For Black products, use a detergent specifically for dark or black laundry, which helps retain the colour. Wash your coloured and Invisible Khaki products with coloured clothing.

Tip 2: Not too hot

You can wash our products at 30ºC or 40ºC. Higher temperatures could cause shrinkage and affect the durability of your top, boxer shorts or socks. With modern detergents, 30°C is usually hot enough for a good, hygienic wash. And it also means you’re helping protect the environment and the colours of your top, shorts or socks.   

Tip 3: Don’t worry about the shrinkage

As your Noshirts, Boxer Shorts and Nosocks are made from natural materials, a small amount of natural shrinkage may occur during the first wash and/or dry. But don’t worry: this has been taken into account in the design and sizing.

Tip 4: First dry it, then don it

For hygienic purposes, it’s important that your tops, boxershorts or socks are completely dry before you put them away. After all, bacteria thrive in moisture. And if you want to keep your items smelling fresh as a daisy, then you don’t want to give those bacteria any chance to grow. You can opt to dry your pieces naturally on the clothesline, or in a tumble dryer – and if you chose the dryer, then put it onto a low setting to avoid shrinkage.

Tip 5: No fabric softener (for Noshirt Dry)

Noshirt Dry does exactly what it says in its name: keeps you dry. By nature. Because the sustainable TENCEL™ panels at the armpits ensure that sweat is better absorbed and neutralised. But this is only possible if the fabric’s cells remain open. And they can’t do that when a fabric softener has been used as the softener clogs the cells and thus neutralises the fabric’s abilities. So: to keep your Noshirt Dry doing its drying thing, and the sweat (stains) at bay, keep the fabric softener away.  


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