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Each day calls for a different undershirt. With that in mind, over the past 10 years Noshirt has developed 6 different styles of undershirt. They are all equally comfortable, but each in their own way. And they are all designed for specific situations.

To make it easy for you, we have put all our undershirts in a single overview so that you can compare the specifications of the different ranges. That way you can find the type of Noshirt that is right for you.

Would you prefer an undershirt made from sustainable Supima cotton, or would you like a NOSHIRT nature undershirt made from natural wood fiber, without any cotton at all?
Do need an undershirt that keeps you cool (NOSHIRT lite), or one that keeps you warm (NOSHIRT original)?

Or maybe an undershirt for your specific situation:
- For exercising and sports - NOSHIRT performance (moisture and heat regulating)
- For anti-perspiration - NOSHIRT dry (keeps you dry)
- For sensitive skin - NOSHIRT pure (100% skin-friendly)

Still not sure? Then call our customer services department if you have any questions or need some personal advice:  +31 (0)88 120 1111.


Kenmerk Materialen Dikte Prijs
Ultiem draagcomfort 92% Supima Katoen, 8% elasthaan Regulier 34,95 Bekijk product
Zijdezacht en super absorberend 92% TENCEL®, 8% elasthaan Dun (~50%) 34,95 Bekijk product
Koel op warme dagen 92% Supima Katoen, 8% elasthaan Dun (~50%) 34,95 Bekijk product
Natuurlijk tegen zweet 82% Supima Katoen, 12% TENCEL®,
6% elasthaan
Dun (~50%) 39,95 Bekijk product
Vocht- & warmte regulerend 65% TENCEL®, 28% Clima Cell Solution,
7% elasthaan
Medium (~75%) 44,95 Bekijk product
Vriendelijk voor de huid 100% supima katoen Regulier 29,95 Bekijk product