Size Guide

What is your size?

The Belgian man belong, like the Dutch, to the longest men in Europe. That is why at the start of the design of our Noshirts we measure many different men. To achieve an optimal, slim fit. With extra length, so that the shirt always stays in your trousers. And an extra long back, for when you bend or after that long sit or drive.

Shrinkage = OK

In the design of all our products we have taken into account the natural shrinkage of our Supima cotton at the first washing and / or drying. Unwashed may your Noshirt so long and maybe even loosely sit, but washed is tight on the body really the intention. This way your undershirt is not in the way with your shirt. Is a tight under-shirt too hot for you? Fortunately we have NOSHIRT lite: half as thin, and twice as cool.

Noshirt is norisk

See the charts below to determine your size. You can wear your ordered Noshirts for 30 days, as well as washing and drying. So you can be sure that the noshirts you ordered are comfortable. No risk!




A correct fit for your shorts depends on your hip width and the size of your thigh.
As a reference for the right size you can consult the guide below.