Noshirt Wool

A warm welcome

Allow us to introduce – with pride – Noshirt Wool: our new collection of base layers made from the softest Merino wool from Tasmania. Here, we share five reasons why Noshirt has chosen to make base layers from this beautiful, natural material.

Wool that’s refreshingly warm

Wool is mainly known as the fabric of choice for that wonderfully warm winter sweater. But winter shouldn’t be the only season this material is reserved for. Why? Because wool has temperature-regulating properties as it is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. Which means that when you’re cold, wool will keep you warm, and when you get hot, the fabric will cool you down. Making a wool base layer the perfect piece to don whatever the weather.

Wool that’s refreshingly warm

Merino wool helps keeps bad odours at bay

Let’s face it: there’s no avoiding sweat, especially on an active day. But the fabric you wear can make a big difference. And Merino wool is a winner when it comes to reducing perspiration as it’s highly breathable, which means you stay dry longer. And when all that exertion has left you feeling warmer than you’d like, that’s when the antibacterial nature of the fabric comes in handy. Because Merino wool absorbs the odour molecules from sweat, so you stay fresh-as-a-daisy all day long.



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Good for the environment

The wool used by Noshirt comes from the fleece of Merino sheep. This means that it’s an all-natural fabric. What’s more, as the wool grows continuously on the sheep, the fibre is completely renewable. Add to that the fact that the material is biodegradable, and you know you’re making a good choice: for the planet, on your body, and deep down in your heart.

Soft and luxurious on the skin

Soft and luxurious on the skin

There’s a common conception that wool is prickly. But this overarching notion is a bit of an unfair misconception. Because Merino wool is incredibly soft. After harvesting, Noshirt has the wool fibres processed into the finest thread in Italy. We then use this to make our base layer tops, long johns and socks. With Noshirt Wool, there’ll be no itchiness, no prickly sensations and no irritation, just a soft and luxurious feeling on the skin.

Merino wool retains its shape for years

Thanks to the natural elasticity of Merino wool, your base layer pieces maintain their fit perfectly. The fibres stretch to envelop your body and return to their original shape after wearing. Even after being washed and dried time after time after time. As a result, our wool items are comfortable, won’t sag and will last for years.

Noshirt Wool voor dames en heren

Noshirt Wool is available for women as a Tank Top and Long Sleeve. BBoth have a deep V-neck, so that the base layer remains invisible under clothing. For men, the Wool base layer is available as a Long Sleeve with round neck and a Short Sleeve with regular V-neck silhouette. New is the One-Seam design: instead of two side seams, the Wool base layer has a single flat, wide hem running down the back. This unique and comfortable design detail has been a staple in our women’s collection for a long time and can now also be enjoyed by the men in our Noshirt family.

And there is more good news for men: new to our collection is also the Wool Long Leg. This long-legged thermal underwear will keep your lower limbs warm. Perfect for those cold days or when you’re enjoying some winter sports.

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